Online orders now available. Pls note orders for dairy products need to be submitted by Monday 12pm for a Friday pick-up. Thank You,

Mike & Cindy.

Eat Healthy, Be Happy

We are building our online store. Certain items are available to pre-purchase with paypal.  Local pick-up only please. Call to schedule pick-up. Thx

 We are part of a new generation of farmers who strive to be self sufficient, animal and land friendly, producing healthy foods as an alternative for your family and ours. We are a pastured based,  farm raising 

Dakota Farms Green Market brings you Healthy Choices with  fresh Organic Vegetables, Pastured Chicken, Fresh Eggs, Grass Fed Beef, Raw Dairy Products, and much more



Green Market

Dakota Farms Green Market is a Family owned and operated farm. We strive to be a pastured based, raising our animals (cows, chickens and pigs) on green grass and fresh air with no hormones, medications or pesticides.  We believe in raising our animals on the land, allowing them a normal lifestyle and habitat. We believe by doing so our animals remain stress free, healthy and happy. We are against industrial, caged animal raising and confined animal practices. 

Our Farm