Welcome to Dakota Farms and the Hawkes Family.  We are a family run farm, dedicated to bringing wholesome foods and products to your table.  We began this journey a number of years ago when we started to see an increase of health issues in the people we knew, there were increases  in Allergies, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Early Maturing of children, etc..

So we decided to raise our own food, as food should be raised in an effort to protect our children.   We raise our animals, our meat, our milk without hormones, antibiotics or pesticides.  Our animals are able to free range, pasture and graze in a natural behavior, providing a low stress, natural environment.  Our animals live and choose as their nature directs them, not caged, not under stress, non-industrial. 

We are only one family, but we are part of a growing effort to change the way we eat and what we eat for the benefit of our children and yours.